Thursday, January 28, 2010

Court 120 55 Queens Blvd Kew Gardens Ny HELP!!! I Got A Pink Summons For Drinking In Public And Possession Of A Knife, What Do I Do Now?

HELP!!! I got a Pink summons for drinking in public and possession of a knife, what do i do now? - court 120 55 queens blvd kew gardens ny

Some time ago I was stopped by police for drinking, I drank on the street. The police gave me a pink summons not only an open container of alcohol, but for possessing a knife in public. (I saw the police when they caught me.) So I have 2 tasks and 1 April 2009 Who knows how I pay my fine or a penalty? and work as the subpoena thing? Can you give me details, like what happens when I go to court? I gotta go Homecourt 120-55 Queens Blvd. I am also 18 years old, alcohol to minors even worse? I have no criminal record and is the first time he is summoned to the court. Little Bit I just need answers, because I fear I can make time or community service, I know what I did was stupid, but please, can someone answer my question? He lives in New York as well, and I'm not sure how hard it is on the knife, which I know in various other states. Thank you in advance, WL

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